Dock Coordinator

The Dock Coordinator will be responsible for supporting the culture of operational excellence and provide strategic and tactical support in building the Logistics department into an integrated, efficient, fast response, flexible, customer oriented, accurate, and cost effective operation.

Job Description
Manage the flow of inbound and outbound carrier equipment to support the company's finished goods shipping operations.
Work with carriers to secure adequate trailer equipment / truck capacity to meet the company's outbound transportation plan.
Coordinate all required trailer moves with company's yard jockeys.
Pre-check all trailer equipment to verify clean condition / acceptable for loading.
Maintain safe working environment in adherence to company's safety policies.
Update equipment / load information in the company's Transportation Management Systems.
Actively communicate with carriers to ensure timely dispatch of all outbound loads.
Maintain accurate and complete inventory of all trailer equipment on company's premises.
Perform cycle counts and monitor inventory levels of outbound loading supplies.
Manage company's Daily Driver Sign-In / Out Sheets and all necessary logs.
Ensure work areas are kept clean & orderly at all times.
Maintain and report on key functional metrics within specified timeframes.
Other duties as required.
Personal Characteristics

3 - 5 years of experience in transportation and / or shipping required.
Experience working in a Shipping office environment.
Forklift experience a plus.
Demonstrated sense of urgency and comfort in working in a fast paced environment.
Ability to multi-task.
Highly detailed and good organizational skills required.
Ability to build relationships with cross-functional departments and outside partners.
Solid computer and communication skills.
Willingness to work in a shipping area exposed to local temperature variations.

Operating System
Visual Basic Manufacturing - Lilly Software, Salt Lake City, UT
Mercury Gate TMS - Raleigh, North Carolina
Support Software:
Liberty, Microsoft Office, Crystal Enterprise, Crystal Reports

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